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BIO Convention 2016, San Francisco

Workshop: Focus on anti-infectives: Innovation for AMR - 6 June, 2016



ENABLE co-hosted a workshop with over 200 delegates during a BIO convention packed with AMR activities from different perspectives.  

The workshop was dedicated to showcasing novel antibiotics and AMR innovation, highlighting the global tools available to support the development of novel anti-infectives and presenting 10 innovative small company programmes from six countries.

The 10 presenting companies were assessed by an expert panel from the hosting team plus audience voting and best presenters are highlighted below!

All slides are available from the workshop, through the agenda below




  • Pierre Meulien, Executive Director Innovative Medicines Initiative (Slides)
  • Mathew Cooper, University of Queensland - Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (Slides)
  • Claire Skentelbery, European Biotechnology Network – ENABLE project (Slides)

Company presentations

  • Antabio – France (Slides)
  • Bioversys – Switzerland (Slides) - Winner of expert panel vote for best presentation
  • Diatheva – Italy (Slides)
  • Epibiome – United States (Slides) - Winner of the audience vote for best presentation
  • Morphochem – Germany (Slides)
  • Neem Biotech – UK (Slides)
  • Novabiotics – UK (Slides)
  • Polyphor – Switzerland (Slides)
  • RedX – UK (Slides)
  • VICAL – United States (Slides)

Discussion panel: Alignment of Global Antibiotic Partnerships - 8 June

The panel brought together key actors in the funding and support of novel antibiotics. 

It addressed the critical need for global alignment in the development chain.  From discovery and development to clinical trial networking to understand the regulatory phase and creation of a global knowledgebank, all aspects of the chain were discussed, with strong Q&As from the panel and audience.

Over 80 delegates attended, the majority involved directly in antibiotic development.

Slides are available from the discussion panel below:

  • Allan Coukell, Pew Charitable Trust (Slides)
  • Pierre Meulien, Innovative Medicines Initiative (Slides)
  • Joe Larsen, BARDA (Slides)
  • Edward Cox, FDA (Slides available shortly)