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European Gram Negative AntiBacterial Engine



Within its first years, the ENABLE project has delivered:

  • Creation of an European discovery engine for anti-infective development
  • Review and contact with European SMEs within anti-infectives
  • Attraction of over 70 expressions of interest from SMEs and research organisations
  • Integration of over 15 programmes within its portfolio

ENABLE’s portfolio is continuously integrating new programmes through an open call process:


Four programmes are currently running:

  • 1 programmes in the Hit-to-Lead stage
  • 4 programmes in the Lead-to-Candidate stage

Several programmes have been terminated since the beginning of the consortium. If the funding for a programme is stopped by PMC decision, the programme owner receives a detailed feedback on the reasons for this decision.

Here are examples for previous programme termination: 
  • Unexpected in vivo toxicity 
  • Risk of resistance development
  • Lack of efficacy agains clinical strains
  • Inability to reproduce within ENABLE the data from the EoI

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If you feel like your research programme might benefit from our drug discovery and development platform, 

please have a look at our inclusion criteria here and submit an Expression of Interest. To learn more about our programmes, please contact Dr Katja Bölcker



The entire ENABLE team is busy discussing, presenting and writing. Find a selection of the results below:


Articles & Press Releases

  • Press releases (2014): €85 million European programme targets novel antibiotic, Aston, Biomol, CSIC, EBN, Liege, Medina, Northern Antibiotics, OTC, Asclepia, SP, Redx
  • Karlén, A. (2014): Swedish researchers makes an attempt to tackle a problem of the world, Article in Economic magazine
  • Karlén, A., Hughes, D. (2014): Non-even fight against resistance, Article in popular science magazine “Naturvetaren”
  • Karlén, A. (2014): Svenska forskare tar itu med världsproblem. Di Almedalen.
  • ENABLE participants (2014): Large effort in antibiotic research, Swedish Radio – Science (20 minutes special on ENABLE and hurdles of developing an antibacterial drug)
  • Yli-Kauhaluoma, J (2014): Uudet antibiootit haussa eurooppalaisena yhteistyönä, University of Helsinki
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  • Kiuru, P. (2014): Kuuden vuoden kilpajuoksu muuntuvia bakteereita vastaan, Aamulehti (Front page news story)
  • Horizon Magazine (2014): Complex molecules could beat drug resistant bacteria.
  • Press release UB (2015): UB researchers develop a new family of bioinspired antibiotic compounds. 
  • European Biotechnology News (2015): Time is running out. 
  • Press release Nosopharm (2015): Nosopharm joins European Gram-negative Antibacterial Engine (ENABLE) project to combat antibiotic resistance, Nosopharm
  • Uppsala University (2015): The Drug Push. Interview in Science, 2015, Vol 348, 850-853

Lectures & Presentations

  • Karlén, A. (2014): ENABLE (IMI) presentation of activities, seminar in Brussels
  • Karlén, A. (2014): ENABLE - A European antibacterial drug discovery platform, Lecture at Uppsala University
  • Karlén, A. (2014): Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance, Lecture in Stockholm
  • Karlén, A. (2014): New antibiotics- a common responsibility or the responsibility of the industry, Lecture at antibiotic seminar in Gotland,
  • Karlén, A. (2014): IMI project experience: "Project ENABLE: European Gram-negative Antibacterial Engine, Lecture at IMI seminar in Oslo
  • Karlén, A. (2014): Examples of partnerships between public and private partners - Innovative Medicine Initiative, Lecture at antibiotic seminar in Stockholm
  • Karlén, A. (2015):Are collaborations in Public-Private Partnerships a model for discovery of new antibiotics, Lecture at seminar in Stockholm - The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)
  • Schipper, N. (2014): Framtidens infektionshot kräver gränslösa samarbeten, Presentation at Swedish National Life Science days
  • Genilloud, O. (2014): Discovery of Novel Antibacterials from microbial natural Products, Presentation at ICAAC2014

  • Stokes, N. (2014): Innovative approaches from industry: Developing new treatment, Presentation at BSAC AMR Round Table series

  • Hughes, D. (2014): Antibiotics and resistance, University of Uppsala
  • Maxwell, T. (2014): Combating AMR: how can topoisomerases and insect gut bacteria help?, Presentation 
  • Stavenger, R. (2015): Current European Collaborative Plans: ENABLE Keystone Symposia on Gram-Negative Resistance Granlibakken, Tahoe City (USA)
  • Asclepia (2015): Collaboration and funding to clinical trials for European anti-infective Gram negative programmes, Lecture: Innova Balt Drug Discovery conference Riga
  • Asclepia (2015): Collaboration and Funding through Preclinical Development and Phase I Clinical Trial for Anti-Infective Gram-Negative Programs, Lecture: Re-
    Entering Antibacterial Drug Development Summit, Boston, MA
  • EBN (2015): Webinars on Funding for Gram negative anti-infective programmes
  • Yli-Kauhaluoma, J. (2015): Professori Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma pitää juhlapuheen Karvian kotiseutujuhlassa, Helsinki
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    Symposium on Antibacterial Agents: Chemistry and Mechanism of Action.
  • Uppsala (2015): IMI-ENABLE: A European Antibacterial Drug Discovery Platform, Lecture at ICAAC2015 San Diego
  • Uppsala (2015): Antibacterial drug discovery and development. Challenges, opportunities and ways forward., Lecture at AIMECS 2015: 10th AFMC International Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Jeju, Korea
  • Uppsala (2015): Experiences from Horizon 2020 and IMI funded projects, Lecture at "National Information Day on Health, demographic change and well-being in Horizon 2020"
  • Uppsala (2015): ENABLE - European Gram Negative AntiBacterial Engine, Participate in 10th European Workshop in Drug Design in Sienna (XEWDD). Present
    Poster on ENABLE. Discuss ENABLE computaitional chemistry platform and training in use of program developed by ENABLE partner.
  • CNB (2016): Bacterial celldivision: Orchestrating the ring cycle, EMBO Workshop Prague
  • EBN (2016): Workshop: Showcasing global anti‐infective innovation at the BIO Convention
  • GSK (2016): IMI TRANSLOCATION & ENABLE: Collaborative Drug Discovery in Action, Oral presentation at workshop to take aim at Bacteria, Lehigh University, USA
  • JIC (2016): DNA Topoisomerases in Bacteria and Plants: Mechanism and Drug Targeting, Lecture: Univ W. Australia, Perth
  • JIC (2016): Exploiting DNA topoisomerases for antibiotic development, Lecture University of Sydney
  • JIC (2016): New ways to target DNA gyrase: a well‐validated target for antimicrobial chemotherapy, Lecture: Gordon Research Conference, Sunday River, Maine, USA
  • JIC (2016): Supercoils and superbugs: exploiting DNA topoisomerases as targets for antibacterial chemotherapy, Lecture: Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  • University of Uppsala (2016): The Swedish contribution to IMI‐ENABLE: A European antibacterial drug discovery platform, Lecture:Embassy of Sweden, Washington DC, USA
  • University of Uppsala, GSK (2016): Frontiers in Antibiotic Drug Discovery (FiADD, Symposium: Antibacterial Drug Discovery, Stockholm Sweden
  • University of Uppsala (2016): Challenges and progress inthe development of novel Gram‐negative antibiotics. Lecture at The Norwegian

    Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA) in Oslo, Norway, “Turning the tide of Antimicrobial Resistance Conference – TTA goes Nordic”

  • Bacqué, E.: IMI-ENABLE: A European Antibacterial Drug Discovery Platform.
  • Stavenger, R.: Addressing the challenges of antibacterial R&D through public-private partnerships at the BIO convention.
  • Schofield, C. (2017): From Antibiotics to Oxygen Sensing and Back Again, seminar at the University of Durham 
  • Karlén, A. (2017): The ENABLE project. Presentation at the Berlin Conference on Novel Antimicrobials. 
  • Griestop, L. (2017): The ENABLE project. Presentation at the General Assembly of the EU funded PharmaSea project. 
  • Bacqué, E. (2017): The ENABLE project. Presentation at the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) during the “Early Discovery of New Antibiotics Workshop”


  • UIT (2015): Combating antibiotic resistance
  • GSK (2016): IMI ENABLE: The European Gram-Negative AntiBacterial Engine, Poster Presentation at Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation Grand Challenges.
  • Kiuru, P. (2016): ENABLE: Northern Antibiotics Polymyxin Programme, Flash poster presentation at the symposium on frontiers on antibiotic drug discovery (FiADD) in Stockholm 
  • University of Uppsala (2016): Gordon Research Conference: New Antibacterial Discovery & Development, Poster presentation, Gordon Research Conference, Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco in Lucca (Barga) Italy
  • Stavenger, R. (2016): IMI ENABLE: The European Gram-Negative AntiBacterial Engine presented at BMGF Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, Oct 2016, London
  • Bölcker, K. (2017): Poster presentation ENABLE at the ECCMID in Vienna