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European Gram Negative AntiBacterial Engine



The whole consortium is managed by a Consortium Management Office and especifically:

Project coordinator

  • Neil Pearson, GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development Ltd (

Managing entity

  • Anders KarlĂ©n, Uppsala University (

ENABLE is a European-based consortium:
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The ENABLE project has created and is currently managing a drug discovery platform. 

This platform consists of dedicated teams who pool their resources for the testing and optimization of molecules.

Resource allocation to programmes is managed by the Implementation Committee.

The Consortium Management Office supports all above governing and is responsible for the overall project management as well as communication with the Innovative Medicines Initiatives office.


The Portfolio Management Committee (PMC) is the body in charge of ensuring the prosperity of ENABLE portfolio. 

It is responsible for reviewing and approving the entry of new programmes into the portfolio. 

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In addition the PMC determines quarterly whether programmes may continue activity in ENABLE and when to proceed to the successive development steps

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