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European Gram Negative AntiBacterial Engine


Following your submission of an EoI to ENABLE, what happens next?

The feedback that you receive from your EoI submission determines the pathway forwards.

  • Programmes that are considered high potential and meet key project thresholds will be invited to sign a
    Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) in order to discuss your programme in complete confidence with the ENABLE management team.
  • For programmes that are missing too much data to assess the potential of the programme,
    they will be advised on data that they should obtain for a resubmission
  • Programmes that are out of scope (i.e. they are not direct acting or systemic or may not target the pathogens required) will be rejected.

For EoIs invited further - the first step

For those programmes invited for further discussion:

  • The programme owner will have a conference call or webinar with key people from the project team, to both explore more details about their programme (particularly based on feedback from evaluators) and also to introduce the ENABLE project in more detail.
  • The programme owner will also be sent over the IMI Project Agreement that ENABLE has with all partners and this allows the potential partner to understand the full legal basis for joining the ENABLE project.

Preparing for the Portfolio Management Committee (PMC)

The Portfolio Management Committee (PMC) is the independent committee of experts that reviews all programmes
for entry to ENABLE.  

  • The PMC meets each three months and has the task of reviewing all new applications invited from EoI stage and also to review progarmmes underway in ENABLE. 
  • The PMC can choose to accept a new programme and will set the activity targets that they would like to see within the programme.
  • The programme will then be reviewed at each PMC meeting to decide if it is either continued, modified or terminated within ENABLE.
  • The programme owner will, via teleconference, present a detailed overview of their programme, including a slide set of data which the PMC will have received 2 weeks previously. This slide set will follow a template of data, provided by ENABLE.

Follow up after the PMC

Programmes rejected by the PMC will be given detailed feedback, on either scientific or business grounds. As the ENABLE portfolio matures, programmes may be rejected that overlap with programmes already running within the project.

programme accepted by the PMC will work closely with the ENABLE to complete the following tasks:

  • Develop a detailed description of work for the accepted programme, defining budget and partners from ENABLE involved. Although ENABLE brings a consortium of over 30 partners, only 3-4 will tend to be involved in a single programme dependant on expertise required.  
    The hit owner will take on tasks that suit their own expertise within the project
  • The work programme will be inserted into the ENABLE contract with IMI and a contract amendment requested
    At the same time, the legal status of the applicant will be confirmed by IMI and will require validation of the PIC number if this has not yet been completed
  • Once the IMI has signed the contract amendment, the new partner will receive project funding and work will commence on the programme, according to the programme defined in the contract
  • The programme will be reviewed at PMC meetings each three months.

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ENABLE entry thresholds
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ENABLE EoI template
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ENABLE open call protocol