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European Gram Negative AntiBacterial Engine



Annual Meeting 2016, Stockholm

September 12th and 13th , 2016


Day 1:

The third ENABLE Annual meeting 

took place in the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) 

in the beautiful Royal Coin Cabinet (Kungliga Myntkabinett).

77 representatives met during this two-day meeting.

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After a few welcoming words from Prof. Anders Karlen 

and an update from Rob Stavenger on ENABLE achievements, 

the ongoing programmes presented their latest advances.


Due to the Europe wide location of ENABLE partners, 

this two-day meeting was also a unique opportunity for partners to hold face-to-face team meetings 

and in some cases even to meet for the first time. 

Day 2:

An open Portfolio Management Committee took place with the presentation of newly integrated programmes. 

To learn more about our portflolio, please click here

During the closed deliberating PMC session, 

some of the attendees took part in a cultural tour to visit part of Stockholm’s most famous places such as the Vasa Museum. 

Whereas some would meet again during the FiADD conference in the  following days, 

the others left with a renewed motivation and full of new ideas and actions to carry on.