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European Gram Negative AntiBacterial Engine


Apply to join the ENABLE consortium as a partner with your gram negative anti-infective programme


Organisations within the European Union that are eligible may submit a three-page Expression of Interest (EoI) to the ENABLE project with details of anti-infective programmes that meet, or have the potential to meet, project entry thresholds. 


Earlier stage programmes may not have generated full data in line with thresholds established by the ENABLE program. However, applications are still encouraged as the ENABLE programme may be able to support highly promising programmes with incomplete data.


DEADLINE: Rolling - submission at any time.



Key thresholds:

For hit to lead project entry

  • MIC ≤32 μg/ml vs a key Gram-negative pathogen (E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa and/or A. baumannii), with activity against resistant strains, if targeting a known mechanism
  • Activity should not be due to detergent-like activity
  • Proven chemical structure, preliminary SAR
  • Favourable chemical properties and reasonable synthesis pathway
  • Promising physchem parameters (e.g. clogP<4)

For lead to candidate project entry

  • MIC90 ≤16μg/ml vs a key Gram-negative pathogen
  • MICs ≤64μg/ml vs other key Gram-negative pathogens
  • Experimentally determined target (or pathway) activity
  • Acceptable frequency of resistance
  • Time kill analysis
  • Sustainable antibacterial SAR
  • Preliminary understanding of DMPK/in vitro pharmacology
  • Tractable synthetic route with 2 modifiable positions

How to submit an EoI?

EoIs may be submitted to ENABLE at any time and applicants can find the template plus support documents below.  

The ENABLE team is pleased to support all EoIs during their development and will give feedback on potential data missing or content/layout that will improve the application. It will not comment upon the data itself. The EoI should be no longer than three pages and contain non-confidential information (structures may be omitted). Once submitted, your EoI will be assessed for fit to project thresholds and level of potential by two expert independant reviewers. This process will typically take 2 weeks.  

You will then be contacted by the ENABLE team with feedback and the next step for the programme,
 - whether that is a request for further data,
 - feedback on eligibility,
 - or an invitation to discuss your programme under CDA, with a view to full presentation to the Porfolio Mangement Committee.

Following your submission of an EoI to ENABLE, what happens next?

(Follow this link)

ENABLE entry thresholds.pdf
ENABLE entry thresholds
ENABLE EoI Template.pdf
ENABLE EoI Template
ENABLE Open Call Protocol.pdf
ENABLE Open Call Protocol